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Cat O' Nine Tales

Cat O' Nine Tales by Jeffrey Archer (Paperback )

Cat O'Nine Tales is the fifth collection of irresistible short stories from the master storyteller. Ingeniously plotted, with richly drawn characters and Jeffrey Archer's trademark of deliciously unexpected conclusions, this new collection has the added bonus of thirteen charming illustrations by read more...
Paths of Glory

Paths of Glory by Jeffrey Archer (Paperback 2009)

Some people have dreams that are so magnificent that if they were to achieve them, their place in history would be guaranteed. Francis Drake, Robert Scott, Charles Lindbergh, Amy Johnson, Edmund Hilary, Neil Armstrong, and Lewis and Clark are among such individuals. But what if one man had such a read more...
The Fourth Estate

The Fourth Estate by Jeffrey Archer (Paperback 1997)

Utilizing his extensive theatrical experience, Martin Jarvis handles the difficult task of narrating Jeffrey Archer's bestseller, The Fourth Estate, quite admirably. As in his extremely popular novel, Kane & Abel, Archer has once again created dual protagonists--in this case, chronicling the read more...
Eleventh Commandment

Eleventh Commandment by Jeffrey Archer (Paperback 1999)

The Eleventh Commandment. Connor Fitzgerald is a professional's professional. Holder of the Medal of Honor. Devoted family man. Servant of his country. CIA assassin. Days before his retirement from the Company, Fitzgerald comes face to face with an enemy who, for the first time, even he cannot read more...
Kane & Abel

Kane & Abel by Jeffrey Archer (Paperback 2003)

On April 15, 1906, two baby boys entered the world. One was born to a life of prosperity and ease, the other to a world of hardship and struggle. On different sides of the globe, they grew up -- one shaped by a luxurious upbringing, fine schools, and a history he read; the other well tempered by read more...
First Among Equals

First Among Equals by Jeffrey Archer (Paperback 2003)

Charles Seymour, second-born son, will never be the earl like his father, but he did inherit his mother's strength-and the will to realize his destiny...Simon Kerslake's father sacrificed everything to make sure his son's dreams come true. Now it is Simon's chance to rise as high as those dreams read more...
Honour Among Thieves

Honour Among Thieves by Jeffrey Archer (Paperback 1993)

It is,1994, Washington, D.C. The Clinton Administration is grappling with its domestic policies, and a sinister plot is being masterminded six thousand miles away in Baghdad. By using $100 million as bait and spinning a deadly web of corruption, forgery and terror, Saddam Hussein seeks to embarrass read more...
Twelve Red Herrings

Twelve Red Herrings by Jeffrey Archer (Paperback 2005)

An imprisoned man is certain that his supposed murder victim is very much alive....A female driver is pursued relentlessly by a menacing figure in another vehicle....A young artist gets the biggest break of her career....A restless beauty manages the perfect birthday celebration....An escaped Iraqi read more...
Matter Of Honour

Matter Of Honour by Jeffrey Archer (Paperback 2004)

When Colonel Scott dies, his will points the way to clearing the unspoken secret that shadowed his retirement and turned him from a WW II hero into a disgraced and broken man. It is up to Adam to follow. The path leads to a Swiss bank and a vault, strongly guarded. It contains a priceless Russian read more...
Sons Of Fortune

Sons Of Fortune by Jeffrey Archer (Paperback 2003)

In Hartford, Connecticut, in the late 1940s, a set of twins is parted at birth-not by accident. Nat Cartwright goes home with his parents, a schoolteacher and an insurance salesman, while his twin brother begins his days as Fletcher Davenport, son of a millionaire and his society wife.During the read more...


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