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Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore (Paperback 2009)

While traveling through one of the poorest regions in India, W. B. Yeats was amazed to discover the women in the tea fields singing the songs and poems of Rabindranath Tagore. This striking scene led the great Irish poet to appreciate the depth of India's far-reaching tradition of poetry and the read more...
Tiger In The Toilet

Tiger In The Toilet by K Ajayakumar (Paperback 2010)

The easiest and best medicine available in this world for a long and happy life is ‘laughter’. This book gives plenty of this medicine to its readers along with a lot of wisdom. Tiger in the Toilet is a unique book. It educates the reader while entertaining.
The Absent State

The Absent State by Neelesh Misra, Rahul Pandita (Hardcover 2010)

The spiralling crisis in Jammu and Kashmir; the Naxalite-Maoist menace that seems to be intensifying with every passing day; the disturbing reach of proxy governments run by militant groups in Manipur and Nagaland today, a quarter of India is being held hostage by violence and anarchy. What has read more...
The Eye of the Predator

The Eye of the Predator by Abhisar Sharma (Paperback 2010)

Zanghara, South Waziristan August 5, 2009: In a carefully orchestrated midnight attack, US drones zeroed in and killed the dreaded leader of the infamous Tehreek-e-Taliban as he lay with his wife on his father-in-law's terrace. The question is who tipped off the CIA. Baitullah Mehsud, the dreaded read more...
The Dreamer

The Dreamer by Rajeev Balasubramanyam (Paperback 2010)

Shashi: an actor, wealthy, famous, and letting go … of his career, his marriage, his mind, and now himself. Lisha: creator of Stoneman, her own private fantasy world within a comic book. Fragile and alone, except for her mother. In 1986, in Stonewall, Lancashire, Lisha doesn’t know she’s about to read more...
IIMA Business Books - Strategies For Growth : Help Your Business Move Up The Ladder

IIMA Business Books - Strategies For Growth : Help Your Business Move Up The Ladder by Atanu Ghosh (Paperback 2010)

Every organization small or large, managed professionally or by a family wants to grow. Strategies for Growth explores the different expansion strategies companies adopt, and the Management and marketing challenges they face along the way. Amply illustrated with business Experiences from the Indian read more...
The China Syndrome : Grappling with an Uneasy Relationship

The China Syndrome : Grappling with an Uneasy Relationship by Harsh Pant (Hardcover 2010)

As the balance of power shifts from the West to the East, the relationship between the two regional giants, China and India, gains significance. Their relationship will determine to a great extent the new political architecture that takes shape in Asia and the world at large. Nor are the two powers read more...
Dara Shukoh : A Play in Verse

Dara Shukoh : A Play in Verse by Gopal Gandhi (Paperback 2010)

Gopal Gandhi’s wonderfully moving and insightful tragedy elegantly and imaginatively revisits one of Indian history’s great what-if moments, making us ask again how different things might have been if it was heterodox mystic Dara rather than the puritanical bigot Aurangzeb who had won the civil war read more...
Koni: The Story Of A Champion

Koni: The Story Of A Champion by Moti Nandy (Author), Sumana Mukherjee (Translator) (Paperback 2010)

A poor but feisty tomboy, Koni Kanakchampa Paul. A fiery coach, with an eye for talent and a passion for making it shine. A championship that sets up privileged competitors against one who is constantly sidelined. The stage is set for an explosive contest. And a sport stops being just a game. In a read more...
Dilli O Dilli : Janiye Apne Shahar Ko! (Hindi)

Dilli O Dilli : Janiye Apne Shahar Ko! (Hindi) by Navin Pant (Paperback 2010)

Delhi was made and razed several times. It was plundered by Timur Lang,Nadir Shah and Ahmedshah Abdali. But it resurrected itself each time, and with redoubled vigour. Then came the Sultans, followed by the Mughals who gave it stunning mosques, aweinspiring monuments and gardens. The British read more...


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