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Cosmos Close-Up

Cosmos Close-Up by Giles Sparrow (Hardcover 2011)

Using a wealth of high-resolution images collected by a fleet of telescopes, satellites and inter-planetary probes, Cosmos Close-up embarks on a voyage across the universe, pausing only to zoom in on the most spectacular planets, stars, galaxies and nebulae. After a fly past of our planetary read more...
The Story Of Archaeology (Reissue)

The Story Of Archaeology (Reissue) by Justin Pollard (Hardcover 2011)

The Story of Archaeology tells the thrilling and fascinating tale of modern archaeology from its earliest beginnings to the present through 50 chronologically arranged profiles of iconic excavations - from the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Death Pit of Ur, from Machu Picchu to the Mary Rose, and from read more...
The Story Of Christianity (Reissue)

The Story Of Christianity (Reissue) by David Bentley Hart (Hardcover 2011)

The story of Christianity is an immeasurably fascinating one. A faith that began in Roman-occupied Palestine, as a small and fugitive faction within Judaism, grew, thrived and finally 'conquered' the empire that had sought to exterminate it. Then, over many centuries and in many lands, it became read more...
An Eternal Quest for Peace :A Complete Book on the Art of Living

An Eternal Quest for Peace :A Complete Book on the Art of Living by Suvasish Mukhopadhyay (Paperback )

This book talks of the art of achieving peace and happiness. It is filled with the author’s lifetime experience and observation of human psychology. For being happy and for having peace of mind one needs to explore the inner world in spite of the outer world. For attaining peace of mind one needs read more...
Who Owns the World

Who Owns the World by Cahill, Kevin (Paperback )

Who Owns the World is the first ever compilation of landowners and landownership structures in every single one of the world’s 197 states and 66 territories. It covers the history of landownership as far as written history will allow and shows the division of landownership in every region of the read more...
My Year

My Year by Dahl, Roald (Paperback )

This book will delight adults and children equally. It is a book to linger over, to savour and enjoy, and is destined to become a classic. Roald Dahl had an abiding love for and interest in nature. He kept notes about the habits of moles and foxes, the colour and song of birds and the different read more...
Dan Brown Companion, The

Dan Brown Companion, The by Cox, Simon (Paperback )

The truth behind the fiction With its lavish gazetteer section and its in-depth look at some of the themes and real-life stories behind the fiction, The Dan Brown Companion gives a unique insight into the world of one of the most successful bestselling novelists of our time. A huge Dan Brown read more...
India Mystica

India Mystica by NA (Paperback )

Interactive multimedia encyclopedia exploring the myriad of popular beliefs, practices, ceremonies, and rituals in India. Includes hundreds of pages of text, full-colour illustrations, pictures, animations, audio, and vieo clips. Also includes search and index facilities.
Gabriels Gift

Gabriels Gift by Hanif Kureishi (Paperback 2003)

Portraying the seemingly perpetual adolescence of the sixties generation through the eyes of its children and capturing the spirit of the new generation as well, "Gabriel's Gift" becomes a multilayered meditation on fame, failure, other family legacies, About the Author Hanif Kureishi won England's read more...
3000 Synonyms And Antonyms

3000 Synonyms And Antonyms by Sam Phillips (Paperback 2009)



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