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Rookie Dad: Fun and Easy Exercises and Games for Dads and Babies in Their First Year

Rookie Dad: Fun and Easy Exercises and Games for Dads and Babies in Their First Year by Susan Fox (Paperback 2001)

Get in the game of fatherhood!All new dads want to bond with their babies -- but how? With seventy-two safe, simple exercises, each illustrated with a fun photograph, Rookie Dad helps busy fathers make a real connection with their little ones -- and have a ball doing it!"Shake Hands with Dad" read more...
Our lady of Alice Bhatti

Our lady of Alice Bhatti by Mohammed Hanif (Paperback 2011)

Our Lady Of Alice Bhatti is set in modern-day Karachi in Pakistan, a country constantly in the clutches of religious fanaticism, violence, corruption, and oppression. Through the story of the protagonist Alice Bhatti, it highlights the worsening plight of Christians in Pakistan, most of them with read more...
Sorting Out Billy

Sorting Out Billy by Jo Brand (Paperback 2005)

Billy is a lad. He's a laugh, he's loud, he behaves badly and Sarah is besotted with him. But after another `accident` involving Billy's temper, Sarah's face and a night in the A&E, Sarah's friends Martha and Flower decide that it's time to take action. What should they do? Reason with him? Send read more...
The Bluffer's Guide to Teaching

The Bluffer's Guide to Teaching by Nick Yapp (Paperback 1999)

This book is about teaching. The problem with teaching is not so much can you get a job, but can you ever change it once you've got it. Most of the time teachers 'work with children', teaching is something that happens very, very rarely, but it's nice when it does. To guarantee success you need the read more...
July, July

July, July by Tim O'Brien (Paperback 2003)

At a thirty-year reunion, a group of old friends tell the story of their lives - and the story of a generation - in this brilliant new novel from one of America's most celebrated writers. What happened to all those hopes and ideals? After thirty years, a group of friends are reunited in their old read more...
He's Got to Go

He's Got to Go by Sheila O'flanagan (Paperback 2003)

What do you do when the man in your life lets you down? Show him the door? Chuck his clothes out of the window? Cut the crotch from his trousers? If only it was that easy - especially when you've got an eight-year-old daughter to think about and a part-time job that barely pays the milk bill. Nessa read more...
Hemingway's Chair

Hemingway's Chair by Michael Palin (Paperback 1996)

This novel offers an engaging and ironic portrait of a small-town community confronting the men in suits, and facing the future with some trepidation.
Politically Incorrect Jokes from the Net

Politically Incorrect Jokes from the Net by Phillip Adams (Paperback 1998)

An international collection of off-color Internet humor.
The A-Z of Living Together

The A-Z of Living Together by Jeff Green (Paperback 2002)

What happens when those two most incompatible of creatures—the human male and the human female—settle down for a life of togetherness and arguments about the toilet seat? Award-winning comedian Jeff Green bravely sets out to discover the truth. Why is, "Wow, you're a fantastic cleaner," not read more...

Golfing by J.R. Hartley (Paperback 1996)

A collection of gently humorous stories about golf by the fictitious character from the Yellow Pages advertisements.


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