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Lady Chatterley's Lover

Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H. Lawrence (Paperback 2011)

Connie was aware, however, of a growing restlessness...It thrilled inside her body, in her womb, somewhere, till she felt she must jump into water and swim to get away from it; a mad restlessness. It made her heart beat violently for no reason...'Lady Constance Chatterley is trapped in a loveless read more...
Christine (King Classics)

Christine (King Classics) by Stephen King (Paperback 2006)

In the exciting build-up to publication of Stephen King's new mainstream novel, LISEY'S STORY, Hodder are launching their King Classics Campaign starting with 6 of the most popular titles, CARRIE, THE SHINING, BAG OF BONES, CHRISTINE, THE STAND, MISERY. These titles will be published for the first read more...
Tempest, The (Penguin) (Shakespeare, Penguin)

Tempest, The (Penguin) (Shakespeare, Penguin) by William Shakespeare (Paperback 1981)

Shakespeare's play about the workings of magic on a mysterious island is accompanied by commentary
Kidnapped: From the Novel by Robert Louis Stevenson (Usborne Classics Retold)

Kidnapped: From the Novel by Robert Louis Stevenson (Usborne Classics Retold) by Robert Louis Stevenson (Paperback 2006)

Usbourne Clasnts, "Kidnapped" Rivetingly retold for today's readers, Robert Louis Stevenson's stirring tale of intrigue and adventure in the Scottish Highlands is a fresh and exciting as the day it was first written. After the death of his parents, David Balfour is sent to stay with his mysterious read more...
The Prince and the Pauper (Children's Classics)

The Prince and the Pauper (Children's Classics) by Mark Twain (Paperback 1996)

In the WORDSWORTH CHILDREN'S CLASSICS series, a historical story and a case of mistaken identity. Tom Canty and Edward Tudor could have been identical twins. Edward is heir to the throne, whilst Tom is a miserable pauper. When fate brings them together the prince suddenly becomes the pauper and the read more...
The Woman In White (Wordsworth Classics)

The Woman In White (Wordsworth Classics) by Wilkie Collins (Paperback 1993)

Wordsworth Classics covers a huge list of beloved works of literature in English and translations. This growing series is rigorously updated, with scholarly introductions and notes added to new titles.
The Art of War/The Book Of Lord Shang (Wordsworth Classics of World Literature) (Wordsworth Classics of World Literature)

The Art of War/The Book Of Lord Shang (Wordsworth Classics of World Literature) (Wordsworth Classics of World Literature) by Sun-Tzu (Paperback 1999)

The two political classics in this book are the product of a time of intense turmoil in Chinese history. Dating from the Period of the Warring States (403-221BC), they anticipate Machiavelli's The Prince by nearly 2000 years. The Art of War is the best known of a considerable body of Chinese works read more...
Gulliver's Travels (Wordsworth Classics)

Gulliver's Travels (Wordsworth Classics) by Jonathan Swift (Paperback 1992)

Swift's masterful satire is as entertaining today as it was when first published in 1726. Written with great wit and invention, Gulliver's Travels has captivated readers for nearly three centuries.
I Capture the Castle (Virago Modern Classics)

I Capture the Castle (Virago Modern Classics) by Dodie Smith (Paperback 1996)

This wonderful novel tells the story of seventeen-year-old Cassandra and her extraordinary family, who live in not-so-genteel poverty in a ramshackle old English castle. Cassandra's eccentric father is a writer whose first book took the literary world by storm but he has since failed to write a read more...
Sons and Lovers (Wordsworth Classics)

Sons and Lovers (Wordsworth Classics) by D.H. Lawrence (Paperback 1992)

Lawrence's first major novel was also the first in the English language to explore ordinary working-class life from the inside. No writer before or since has written so well about the intimacies enforced by a tightly knit mining community and by a family where feelings are never hidden for long. read more...


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