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The Power of Compassion

The Power of Compassion by Dalai Lama XIV (Paperback 1995)

Millions of Westerners have been enlightened by Buddhism's message of peace and tolerance. These teachings are now available in a lucid conversation with Buddhism's most respected teacher in which the Dalai Lama discusses modern issues--racial hatred, abortion, the strife in Bosnia--and how they read more...
Free Indeed

Free Indeed by Ron Sims (Paperback )

If the Son sets you free you will be Free Indeed.Following on from Ron Sim's first book.Ron's faith and ministery makes him travel around the uk,preaching in prisons,at conventions and in numerous churches.From his travels he has cllected a selection of intriguing,faith-building stories which read more...
Tides and Seasons : Modern Prayers in the Celtic Tradition

Tides and Seasons : Modern Prayers in the Celtic Tradition by David Adam (Paperback 1989)

In this book, the author draws insights from the rich store of Celtic spirituality. The prayers he has written for this book echo the rhythms of creation which find their parallels in our spiritual lives. He stresses that in the ebb and flow, the sea of God's love is not diminished and nothing is read more...
Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa by Navin Chawla (Paperback 1993)

When Mother Teresa arrived in Madrid c1981 she had a simple carrier bag as she disembarked the aeroplane. The welcoming committee of grand cardinals and bishops offered to collect her suitcases, but she replied that she had no other luggage. All she needed was a toothbrush and spare habit.
All Will be Well

All Will be Well by Michael Meegan (Paperback 2004)

Taking a unique approach to self-help, this guide demonstrates how conveying love and compassion to otherswhether communicated through a simple smile or by holding a dying soulcan act as antidotes to the often painful human condition. Revealing the small steps that can be taken to improve the read more...
How to Really Love Your Child (Relationships)

How to Really Love Your Child (Relationships) by Ross Campbell (Paperback 1987)

Does your child feel your love? This work helps your child to blossom.
Basic Judaism (Harvest Book.)

Basic Judaism (Harvest Book.) by Milton Steinberg (Paperback 1965)

Rabbi Steinberg identifies seven strands that weave together to make up Judaism: God, morality, rite and custom, law, sacred literature, institutions, and the people. A classic work directed to both the Jewish and the non-Jewish reader.
Jesus in our Western culture

Jesus in our Western culture by Edward Schillebeeckx (Paperback 1987)

This, the shortest of Edward Schillebeeckx's books so far, represents a distillation of his previous thought and contains important anticipations of the long-awaited third volume of his great trilogy, which is nearing completion. The fact that it was delivered in spring 1986 as the Abraham Kuyper read more...
Killing Time (A Lion paperback)

Killing Time (A Lion paperback) by Noel Fellowes (Paperback 1986)

Noel Fellowes, now working for a charity called "Christian Prison Ministries", recounts his own story of wrongful conviction and imprisonment. In 1970, he was a 22-year-old ex-policeman working as a taxi driver, and was arrested and charged with the manslaughter of an elderly coin collector. read more...
Catch the Fire: The Toronto Blessing an Experience of Renewal and Revival

Catch the Fire: The Toronto Blessing an Experience of Renewal and Revival by Dr Guy Chevreau (Paperback 1995)

Catch the Fire explores the remarkable work of God known as "The Toronto Blessing". Newspapers, television and radio reports have been buzzing with stories of whole congregations laughing, weeping, and falling under the power of the Holy Spirit. Its effects are rippling throughout the world, read more...


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