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The Poetical Works (Wordsworth Poetry Library)

The Poetical Works (Wordsworth Poetry Library) by Sir Walter Scott (Paperback 1995)

All the poems of Walter Scott. Also includes Introduction and bibliograghy
Poems for the Path

Poems for the Path by Sean Byrne (Paperback )

Love poems

Love poems by Danielle Steel (Paperback 1998)

'This is a special book about special people. People who loved me, and whom I have loved. People who have brought me joy beyond measure, and sometimes incredible pain. People I have hurt, sometimes more than I can bear to think about. People who have hurt me, sometimes more than they know. Yet each read more...
Little Laureates Poets from Buckinghamshire

Little Laureates Poets from Buckinghamshire by Mark Richardson (Paperback )

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Commandments by Jackie Wills (Paperback 2007)

"Commandments", Jackie Wills' fourth collection, is arguably her strongest to date. Here are poems of love and disenchantment, poems about landscapes, both familiar and unfamiliar, poems in which the poet, with her acute powers of observation, looks at the 'ordinary' and redraws it in an read more...
Old age comes at a bad time: wit and wisdom for the young at heart

Old age comes at a bad time: wit and wisdom for the young at heart by Eliakim Katz (Paperback 2002)

Ageing is about losing youth and finding a varicose vein; fighting your children and making peace with your parents. It is about gaining wisdom and mislaying your reading glasses. Throughout time people have feared, laughed at, cried about, defied, and accepted ageing—and they have written about it read more...
Poetical Works [Of] Shelley (Galaxy Book)

Poetical Works [Of] Shelley (Galaxy Book) by Percy Bysshe Shelley (Hardcover 1970)

This edition by Thomas Hutchinson (1905) , corrected and updated by G.M. Matthews (1970) contains every poem and fragment of Shelley's verse that had appeared in print.
Narrative Poems

Narrative Poems by C.S. Lewis (Paperback 2000)

C.S. Lewis enjoyed both stories and poetry. His narrative poems combine his gift in story-telling with his skills as a poet. The four pieces in this book are the only narrative poems by Lewis known to be in existence.
Mammoth Book of Men o'War: Stories from the Glory Days of Sail (Mammoth Book of)

Mammoth Book of Men o'War: Stories from the Glory Days of Sail (Mammoth Book of) (Paperback 1999)

An anthology of seafaring stories, about the age of tall ships and canon fire, when the seamanship and derring-do of British sailors was shown time and again aboard the great ships that sailed for trade, discovery or warfare. Included are tales of storms and shipwrecks, the great sea battles of the read more...
Matthew Arnold

Matthew Arnold by Matthew Arnold (Paperback 1998)

Critic, essayist, educator and poet, author of "the Scholar Gypsy", "Dover "Beach","The Forsaken Merman" and other popular poems.


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