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Running for her life

Running for her life by Laurie John, Francine Pascal (Paperback 1996)

Elizabeth, Jessica and their friends are in grave danger. A killer is spurred into trying to kill Elizabeth because her course work paper is too near the truth of the killer's handiwork.

Privilege by Kate Brian (Paperback 2008)

MOST GIRLS WOULD DIE FOR A LIFE OF PRIVILEGE.... SOME WOULD EVEN KILL FOR IT.Ariana Osgood ruled exclusive Easton Academy -- until she was arrested for murdering Thomas Pearson. She's spent the past two years at the Brenda T. Trumbull Correctional Facility for Women plotting her escape and is read more...
The Disciples

The Disciples by Joseph J. Andrew (Paperback 1993)

The game of spies abides by the simple truth that she who holds the secrets holds the world. She is Rebecca Townsend, AWOL from the National Security Agency, who, in complicity with the 12 branches of her family - the disciples - plans to expose what nations will kill to protect.
Fogging Over (Mel Beeby, Agent Angel)

Fogging Over (Mel Beeby, Agent Angel) by Annie Dalton (Paperback 2002)

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Australian secrets and Jack the Ripper's London keep Mel the time-travelling angel on her toes in her fifth adventure! New-look cover for an angelic series rebirth! Rather to Mel's horror, she is teamed up for her new assignment in the nineteenth century with her best mate Lola -- and her worst read more...
How to survive summer camp

How to survive summer camp by Jacqueline Wilson (Paperback 2007)

Stella's mum and step-dad have gone off on holiday and have dumped Stella at the Evergreen Holiday Camp. She's not happy! Especially when she finds out she's expected to learn to swim - the one thing her mum promised she wouldn't have to do. She's determined not to enjoy herself and settlesdown for read more...
Monster Blood (Goosebumps Series)

Monster Blood (Goosebumps Series) by R.L. Stine (Paperback 2003)

Evan visits an eerie old toy store and buys a dusty can of Monster Blood. But then he notices something weird about the slimy green ooze. It keeps growing. And growing. And growing. And all that growing has given the Monster Blood a monstrous appetite...
Crunch Time: Bk. 4 (Disney Stories from East High)

Crunch Time: Bk. 4 (Disney Stories from East High) by N.B. Grace (Paperback 2007)

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Terrorism, poverty, ecological meltdown, climate change, pandemics - this is the background noise we have all learnt to live with. But what if all these things could be laid at our own feet? Our society is moving faster than ever, yet it's filled with risk. This book discusses about causes of these read more...
Home for Christmas

Home for Christmas by Laurie John (Paperback )

Elizabeth Wakefield takes her boyfriend, Tom Watts, home for Christmas, but once they get there, memories of her old life with Todd Wilkins haunt her new romance. Todd tries desperately to get over Elizabeth. Will Elizabeth's ex-best friend, Alexandra Rollins, help Todd to forget?

Busted! by Laurie John (Paperback 1997)

What is Nick Fox's secret? Jessica Wakefield's curiosity leads her deeper and deeper into Nick's mysterious world, and the middle of a drug bust! Will the guy Jessica loves send her to jail? Tom Watts has never been happoer. He'd once thought that his entire family was dead, but George Conroy read more...

"Robots" (Paperback 2005)

With 8 pages of full colour movie photos, this 112 page novel follows Rodney as he goes from small robot from a small town to big hero in the big city. Meet Rodney Copperbottom, an ordinary robot who dares to follow his dreams. When Rodney moves to the big city to meet his idol, Bigweld, and show read more...


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