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Don't Lose Out, Work Out

Don't Lose Out, Work Out by : Rujuta Diwekar (Paperback )

Rosemary Conley's Complete Hip and Thigh Diet

Rosemary Conley's Complete Hip and Thigh Diet by Rosemary Conley (Paperback 1993)

As thousand of successful slimmers have testified, the Hip and Thigh Diet is, quite simply, the diet that works. Slimmers the world over have trimmed inches off those parts other diets failed to reach, transforming their shape and improving their health. And what's more - those unwanted inches have read more...
Hidden Food Allergies: Is What You Eat Making You Ill?

Hidden Food Allergies: Is What You Eat Making You Ill? by Patrick Holford, James Braly (Paperback 2006)

Is what you eat making you ill? Food allergies and intolerances are on the increase. They are frequently the cause of many common health problems that simply won't go away. But there are things we can do to deal with food allergies and intolerances. This book will help if you feel you may be read more...

Family by Susan Hill (Paperback )

A vivid, honest and intensely moving account of the fight for the life of her premature baby, Imogen, which ended in her death at five weeks.
Understanding anorexia nervosa and obesity

Understanding anorexia nervosa and obesity by Peter Dally, Joan Gomez (Paperback 1990)

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Adolescent obesity and particularly anorexia can devastate seemingly happy famlies and leave lifelong psychological scars. The authors, who have vast experience in the treatment of eating disorders, argue convincingly that they are symptoms of a frustrated search for independence.
Going on to Solids: Feeding Baby - From Four Months

Going on to Solids: Feeding Baby - From Four Months by Jenny Kinman (Paperback )

Convenience food can be low in nutrition, which is most important in infancy, where allergies may develop. This book's commitment to a well-balanced start makes it a favourite for all new parents. This revised and modernised guide offers more than 180 appetising recipes from purees and soups to read more...
Superplonk :Gluck's Guide to Supermarket Wine

Superplonk :Gluck's Guide to Supermarket Wine by Malcolm Gluck (Paperback )

The writer of the "Superplonk" column in the "Weekend Guardian" surveys 3500 supermarket wines. Each wine is given points out of 20 in a rating system for quick reference and to allow the reader to spot bargains.
Rosemary Conley's Complete Flat Stomach Plan

Rosemary Conley's Complete Flat Stomach Plan by Rosemary Conley (Paperback 1996)

Exercises designed to lose weight in the abdomenal area, together with fat burning aerobic workouts.
Ayurveda (Secrets Of...)

Ayurveda (Secrets Of...) by Karen Sullivan (Paperback 2001)

Showing how to use Ayurvedic healing to bring harmony to the mind, body and spirit, this volume is part of the "DK secrets of ..." series which offers a juxtaposition of theory and practice, providing full explanations in an attempt to demystify each subject and show how best to apply it.
Really Useful Vegetarian Student Cook Book (Really Useful Series)

Really Useful Vegetarian Student Cook Book (Really Useful Series) by Silvana Franco (Paperback 1995)

This is one of the "Really Useful" cookery series. Each title covers a specific culinary area with over 100 recipes to choose from. They are aimed at those on a low income. This book contains vegetarian recipes for students.


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