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In Winter's Grip

In Winter's Grip by Brenda Chapman (Paperback 2010)

Maja Cleary has turned her back on her family and her hometown of Duved Cove, Minnesota, after her mother's suicide. Now in her early forties and a successful plastic surgeon in Ottawa, she ignores the dreams that disturb her days and the growing dissatisfaction with her marriage and unfulfilled read more...
Running Scared

Running Scared by Brenda Chapman (Paperback 2004)

Feeling somehow to blame for her father's absense, thirteen year-old Jennifer Bannon struggles to hang on to her dream that he will return and they can be a family again - a dream that doesn't include her mother's new boyfriend, nights of looking after her little sister or a ninth grade year that read more...
Trail Of Secrets

Trail Of Secrets by Brenda Chapman (Paperback 2009)

Is Jennifer the only one not keeping a secret? In the fourth and final installment in the Jennifer Bannon mystery series, Jennifer begins grade eleven at Springhills High, and her life is far from settled. Jennifer's mother has moved to L.A. with her new husband and is determined to have Jennifer's read more...
Where Trouble Leads

Where Trouble Leads by Brenda Chapman (Paperback 2007)

Fifteen-year-old Jennifer Bannon agrees to spend her summer as a camp counselor at White Pine Camp with her best friend and her younger sister. But Jennifer's summer in the isolated wilderness on Georgian Bay turns into a roller coaster ride of suspense and danger. Not all is as it appears and read more...
Hiding In Hawk's Creek

Hiding In Hawk's Creek by Brenda Chapman (Paperback 2006)

Fourteen-year-old Jennifer Bannon cannot face another boring summer in Springhills. Her friend Pete is in Mexico and her parents are as far apart as ever. She convinces her mother to let her spend July at her grandmother's cottage in Hawk's Creek. She does not reveal that her plan is to live with read more...
Outlaw Love - Brenda Joyce Anthology

Outlaw Love - Brenda Joyce Anthology by Brenda Joyce, Connie Brockway, Cait Logan (Paperback 1997)

Dangerous men...Spirited women...Untamed desires that set the Wild West afire....BRENDA JOYCE--Passion begins at "Sundown" as a spinster schoolteacher finds a wounded fugitive in her father's bed and compromises her honor to rescue him from a waiting noose.CONNIE BROCKWAY--She was "Heaven with a read more...
Love Is a Verb

Love Is a Verb by Gary D. Chapman, Gary Chapman (Paperback 2009)

Presents inspiring stories of lives changed by love, pairing each story with a lesson to show readers how they can apply the same principles to their own relationships.
Into the Sea

Into the Sea by Brenda Z. Guiberson (Paperback 1996)

Follows the life of a sea turtle from its hatching on a beach, through its years in the sea, and its return to land where it lays its eggs.
Beyond the World

Beyond the World by Brenda Clarke (Paperback )

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A family saga from the author of "Winter Landscape" and "Under Heaven". Christine falls violently in love with a man who proves a repeatedly unfaithful husband. When he eventually dies the world explodes around her and her husband's family, for it seems that his life had been a lie.
Zen Miracles

Zen Miracles by Brenda Shoshanna (Paperback 2009)



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