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Witchsnare by Ashok Raj (Paperback 2007)

Beware of the painting…It will draw you into a palace of intrigue filled with traps and mazes Princess Priyakumari has lured you into her world. It is one where each step is fraught with danger. There are zombie guards, a mysterious sage, rebels hiding on an island waiting for the perfect time to read more...
Hero: Vol 1 The Silent Era To Dilip Kumar

Hero: Vol 1 The Silent Era To Dilip Kumar by Ashok Raj (Hardcover 2009)

This volume traces the growth of the indigenous Hindi film hero from the silent era up to Dilip Kumar. The film hero is depicted as a credible representative of the social, cultural and political milieu of his era. The author contends that the development of Hindi cinema has been largely centred read more...
Hero : Vol 2 Amitabh Bachchan To The Khans & Beyond

Hero : Vol 2 Amitabh Bachchan To The Khans & Beyond by Ashok Raj (Hardcover )

Bachchan, Ashok Raj focuses upon the latter, whom he considers a colossus in Bollywood. He projects Bachchan as the dominant hero (mainly in the form of the angry young man) in the late 1970s and 1980s, along with the political and socio-economic scenario then prevailing that lent authenticity to read more...
Sketch With Ashok Raj: Nature

Sketch With Ashok Raj: Nature by Ashok Raj (Paperback )

Sketch With Ashok Raj: Still Life

Sketch With Ashok Raj: Still Life by Ashok Raj (Paperback )

Did you know that a paper cone on a plate can become a witch's pointed hat Or ow fruits, flowers and cloth can be realistically depicted. Ashok Raj teaches you all this and many more artists' secrets in this step-by-step book. Sketching has never been easier and more fun!


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