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Those Small Lil Things In Life And Love by Rahul Saini

Those Small Lil Things In Life And Love by Rahul Saini

Raj, a young architect, who is a huge film buff and believes that life, is full of filmy angles'. He hates his job and has an almost evil boss. He has a shoddy love life, is heart broken and feels that he is the loneliest person on the face of this earth.It's a story connecting all those small little incidents in one's life that one never forgets.It's a journey through growing up. A journey from love, to out of it. Through joy, sadness and anger. About childhood friendship blooming into love. About the one you love not loving you back. About friends making each other happy, and about friends making each other sad - about friends fighting. It's about being completely sure about things, and at the same time, being utterly unsure about them. It's about school, college and professional life. It's a lot about the heart, and its desires.It's a story about finding it tough to adjust at times, and then missing it later when they are over.'

Pages: 244


Authors of Indian Origin  Friendship  College & Campus Life  Love & Relationships 

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Member reviews:Those Small Lil Things In Life And Love
All those women packed in one book!!, Dec 6, 2009
by Moksh Juneja
I picked up this book, just by chance at the Ahmedabad railway station. I like these kind of books cause there are light reading, there are situations you can relate to. The new breed of authors Chetan Bhagat and Tushar Raheja and many more, will never be a classic, but will be entertaining.

Author Rahul Saini introduces Raj who gifts his girlfriend a soap and then also introduces all the women in the life of Raj unlike Khuswant Singh's In the Company of Women. Raj's love (read as mostly infatuation) story starts when he was in pre-school, and continues through out school, college, and then work with different women in a very Bollywood-ish style. He works as a architect where is always in the company of women, not like he flirting with them, but he is always surrounded with them for friendship and emotional support.

Raj elucidates his relationship about the 8 women in his life and you can pick up any chapter out of random and start with any one. Please note, the grammar, style of writing, for emphasis using ALL CAPS. Thank God, for not using abusive language or mom had done the proof reading and she ordered the author, "beta, the 'f' word is not necessary here; please delete it, right now".
Lovely read..., Dec 7, 2009
by Madhumita Hazra Mohanty
It wasn't the first book of its kind ( ie the Indians writing in English) that I read..however I loved reading the book so much that I ended up reading it twice-back to back! It relates to our daily grind of life and not only that-the simplicity with which Rahul Saini has penned the entire book definitely deserves appreciation. Kudos to Rahul...way to go!

I read a lot of these light reads..but this one is remarkable among all of them. There's a feel-good-factor about the book. Once you are through, you just feel so nice!
awesome book...., Jun 8, 2010
by Mahima Singh
The book is just awesome .It's so natural and innocent and fully depicts the scenes one goes thru ones life.I just loved it.The thing i liked the most about it is how the author has used a language which is so interesting to read and entertaining including some phrases in hindi which are extremely funny like the one 'chamak chalo bara chikana lag raha hai aaj"and also the mention of hindi films ,how he associates everything he goes thru wid bollywood film scenes ..i jst luv it.His way of expressing the things also how every time he gets upset wen his crush goes away and again wen the other girl comes gets engrossed in her.
, Jul 15, 2010
by siddhi waingankar
this book is an amazing choice for people in thier teenage,iv read it lived with it and loved is fabulous
, Sep 14, 2010
by Archana Sinha
I hated this book, it was such a waste of time !
A Future Classic, Sep 16, 2010
by Siddharth Deshmukh
This book brings back memories of the 1990s and early 2000s and perhaps each and every person who went to school and college during those times can in some way relate to the characters and the incidents described in this book. This book is however more than just that, it is a reflection of how our society has shaped in the last 15 years or so and the effect it has had on a whole generation. The subtle relationships which the novel describes, specially those between the protagonist Raj and the girls, are unprecedented in Indian literature. Not even Chetan Bhagat can match Rahul in this regard. It also is a record of the evolution of such relationships in India. Prior to the 90s such relationships were a taboo in most of India and the generation of the 90s started this new trend unconciously. 20 years from now it may not be uncommon to see a girl and a guy as best friends without any special (read sensual) attractions and the pioneers of this trend will find a mention in Rahul's book. The character of Guneet and the nature of Raj and Guneet's relationship is also something new to the Indian literary scene. Young adults staying away from home and almost depending on each other for emotional support without really feeling the need or urge to get married to one another is the story of many many people in India today, they could be in Delhi Gurgaon Bangalore Hyderabad Pune Mumbai anywhere.

The book also talks about some of the dangerous trends that have developed in India, like the habit of watching WWF and get obsessed with the violence or with children bullying other children for the sake of fun. The generation which has done this in childhood do most certainly get these kind of things inculcated into their nature and turn into big times bashers later on. This kind of power drunkardness is where the ills of our society are going to emerge from in the future actually it has already started. Rahul's book will give the sociologists the fodder to see how these trends began. His book can also be an eye opener for us to stop such dangerous trends from emerging and becoming the norm. The unfriendly work culture that Rahul describes is something most of the professionals in big cities can relate to and again speaks of a trend which is unfortunately being encouraged under the guise corporatization.

The book does not give us a definite ending, something i was expecting it would, but probably the reason for that is the generation Rahul describes is also in a lot of ways yet to find its happy ending and is trying to figure out how to settle down.

I will just end by saying that as of today this book is a must read for people who have lived through the 90s whether young or old and will help older generations connect and understand the 1980s born people and their lives today. In the future this book will become a classic like Emma or David Copperfield.
reflection of my life, Sep 28, 2010
by ramneek goyal
i may have read many books, but, it was only this book with which i was able to relate myself...there are many things which happen in our life and we ignore them and foget them....but, while reading, i re-lived all my childhood and ofcourse girls..and the raj in the book, even i was confuse between gateway of india and india gate...
So much womenista....:D, Apr 12, 2011
by sanika
haahaha......really..this story is really beautiful....He has too many girls around but none of his love story worked till the end....I thought Rushi would say YES to him atlast...He looks really handsome...I read in my free time. When reading this book i was really lost in this story even if it was unknown.... Rahul Saini has become one of my favourite author....Can't even imagine ONE BOOK CAN IMPACT ON MANY MINDS OF PEOPLE...:) hats off to Rahul...
good book, Apr 20, 2011
by Dpnkr
ultimate book.....wid lots of GF............ 4rm ur book i like Richa
HOKUM BOOK, May 15, 2011
by tamseel kazmi
seriously,i can write only one sentence."A BOOK THAT SHOULD BE REALLY THROWN INTO THE DUSTBIN"
very interesting....., May 28, 2011
by Sanika
the book is very interesting..I love RUSHI.......its a good book,i had finished the whole book in 6 hours consecutively!! it rocks yarr!!
nice one........., Jun 29, 2011
by rakshita nagayach
the story is good,specially the facts about women!!!
, Jul 8, 2011
by lavanya pandey
well the book can very well be connected to.every one who reads it will find a drop of his ownself in the course of reading it. all in all i would say the book had nice thoughts which could b slightly better at the execution part....
awesme book!!!, Oct 20, 2011
by gaytri namrata
its my al tim favrite book which i hav never read in my life
loved it! my first novel..., Mar 31, 2012
by Hema malhotra
Hmm.. Rahul sir uh r awsm.. i mean awsm. uhr views, incidents were so much similar to me. i loved that book. i jst finished it. bt i want to knw the end. do rushi accepted uh ? and want to tell uh wrote awsm buk. i hv bcm a big fan of uhrs. i loved it.
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