Bala Takes the Plunge- A Review

by Manjulika Pramod

I have always believed that humor is not easy to handle as a genre for a writer. It is difficult to produce and keep on the roll.
I have tried humourous books in the past few years but most fail  to keep up with the flow. Surprisingly, it’ s humor this time that has caught my attention. Melvin Durai’s book ‘Bala takes the Plunge’ is an interesting read and has lots to offer to those who have been looking for consistent laughter in small dozes.

B.Balasubramaniam is undoubtedly a character who keeps you going page after page. What more would a reader ask for in a protagonist. He had me cheerfully turning pages. The book is a thoroughly entertaining light read and is a “one-go” type book, start to finish. It’ s breezy, witty and creative and definitely well crafted.

Bala is well settled in Harrisburg, living a comfortable life with a  great career and friend circle. But now it is time to move on to the next step- find the right person to settle with. The plunge is the venture in the world of matrimony. He signs up at several
matrimonial sites to find a good match. There are 3 C’s that he is interested in ‘Character, Cooking and Cricket’. He joins book-reading and cycling clubs to meet the right person and make great conversations. The instances of his attempts and failures in the storyline are funny and real. One tends to enjoy and is curious to read on. Bala is cute and a complete “desi” at heart,  looking for lifelong commitment. Back home, his parents are making arrangements for meetings with proposed brides so he can  go through the rounds that have been part of Indian marriage customs forever.

The well timed puns invited some great laughs. They were humor sprinkled with perfect nuances. My favorites were the dialogues from Rajini’s movies. The squabbles of his Amma and Appa were a delight to read and they remind you one of those taking place in your family. They are typical Indian parents where the father wants a engineer/doctor son and mother wants the most beautiful daughter-in-law matching up to her expectations. Though Bala had settled for the first one giving up his dream of directing films, he wished to marry the girl of his choice and finally succeeds. You must wait for the twist in the story.

As you read the rib-tickler, you get to know some great secrets of weight loss machines and all about the marketing strategy that goes behind them. I would definitely try the HOW- TO- MAKE THINGS– EASY books. Bala banked on these books tremendously :)

A thumbs up for the Writer I  will be looking forward to his next book. The one thing that caught my attention though- the cover design could have been better.

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