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Our mission is to make reading an easier, enjoyable experience for book lovers across India. Rent books or buy second hand books online without going to a bookstore or a library and get them delivered to your home.


Home Delivery
Get the books you want to read delivered to your home or office in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida
Open 24*7*365
Browse thousands of books in our online Library from anywhere, anytime.
Simple & Convenient
No traffice jams or parking problems. Order books online.
Save time and money. Simple membership plans to suit everyone's reading needs.
Books for everyone
Read Classics, New Releases, Bestsellers, Children's books, Self-Help, Management and Business books and much more. Books for all age groups.

Library Pricing and Plans
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Second Hand Books

Buy gently used books at our online bookstore and have them delivered to your doorstep!

  • Choose from thousands of used books
  • Each second hand book is handpicked and guaranteed to be in great condition
  • Novels, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Kids books, Mystery & Suspense, Romance and much more
  • Secure online payment via Credit Card/Net Banking.
  • Cash on Delivery available.
  • We also sell used books in bulk. Click here to know more.
  • Save money, Save trees, buy used books.
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Pradeep Baliyan, Gurgaon - "A friend recommended me to FOB Online Library and I was blown away. I am hooked and have been recommending to others."
Neha, Bangalore - "Great job you guys. Both my sister and I use the Library membership I gave her as birthday gift."
Shreevali Khaneja, Delhi - "FOB rocks! Thank you for sending the second hand books I had bought online so quickly."
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